The Practices of the Self

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The Persistence of the Cartesian Model 4.

How to Practice Witchy Winter Self-Care

The Key to the Mystery 5. A Final Problem 6.

45 Simple Self-Care Practices for a Healthy Mind, Body & Soul

Conclusion Six. Being Oneself and Being Like Another 1. Two Ways of Being Oneself 2. The Domain of Authenticity 3.

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The Instability of Practical Reflection 4. Authenticity and Conversion 5. How To Be Virtuous 6. The Ends of Reflection 7. Reflection and Its Problems Seven. Prudence and Wisdom 1. The Self and Time 2. The Importance of Unexpected Goods 3. The Limits of Prudence 5. Wisdom Index.

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12 Practices of Self Awareness

Action versus Contemplation Jennifer Summit. With the World at Heart Thomas A.


The Last Walk Jessica Pierce. Imaginative Horizons Vincent Crapanzano. The Practices of the Self Charles Larmore.

Charles Larmore Translated by Sharon Bowman. Table of Contents.

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Larmore blends the thought of ancient and modern writers with his own into a sophisticated collection of arguments about just how convention shapes people. This is crucial reading for researchers of any tradition on the nature of the self.

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