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Les Rois de France - Charlemagne - Charles Ier dit le Grand

The Franks practiced divisible inheritance — i. Louis and Charles nominally owed allegiance to Lothair as emperor. This division only paused the civil war, because through a combination of violence and the normal perils of early medieval life, the legitimate male lines of Lothair and Louis would be extinguished within a few generations.

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Pretty much every branch of the family tree ruled some area of central or western Europe, and pretty much every branch at some point claimed to be the legitimate ruler of all of Europe. Earlier, I wrote that the male line of Lothair I died fairly quickly.

Louis II had one child — a daughter named Ermengard. Ermengard had three children, including the future emperor Louis III, who ended up deposed, blinded, and diminished. Gilbert married a woman also named Ermengard the Wikipedia entries get very confusing! His oldest child was Geoffrey Plantagenet , Count of Anjou. Geoffrey married the dowager Holy Roman Empress Matilda — who would also become a disputed claimant to the throne of England during the civil war known as the Anarchy.

But, as most students learn in high school history or English, the line of English monarchs from to is… complicated. Again, things here get complicated. However, Charles I still had legitimate descendants! Catholic descendants — which was a problem for Parliament, but not for this project.

Charlemagne was followed by Louis I the Pious. Of these three, only the line of Charles the Bald lasted more than three more generations. Charles had two daughters, the eldest of whom was Ermengarde , who married Albert, Count of Namur in modern-day southern Belgium. Anne married William, Margrave of Thuringia. They had two daughters, the elder being Margaret of Thuringia. So, one of the most direct lines of descent from old Charles the Great is right down to Kaiser Wilhelm himself.

Berengar II was followed by his son Adalbert. His son Frederick II had bad genetic luck, with many of his children and grandchildren dying young; the death of his son Conrad IV would lead to two decades of interregnum and disputed rule before the next undisputed Holy Roman Emperor emerged. Her son was Frederick I , Margrave of Meissen r. And now, history nerds might see where this is going. The first, Ernest II, died at age 75 with no children, and his heirs were the children of his brother, Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

Under the protection of this rough-looking champion, the queen remained for eight days in her own apartments, as was customary at that period; and then the question arose as to the baptism of the child. So the host of the lady—the owner of the cottage, the good Primerain—came and carried the infant to a neighboring monastery. The King of Hungary happened to pass by. Primerain told him of the unknown lady in his lodgings, and, while he was telling his tale, all the barons were laughing loudly at Varocher, who was not in the least put out by their merriment.

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Charlemagne (c. 747 - c. 814)

By this sign Providence witnesses to children of royal lineage—of princely race. The king dismounted from his steed, and a magnificent procession was arranged. So the ceremony proceeded, and was completed before the eyes of Varocher, who was delighted, and more particularly pleased when a purse full of gold-pieces was presented to him. The poet naively adds that the young mother was taken greater care of by her hosts when they found she had money to pay well for her entertainment.

After a while she revealed her true history to the king, who then learned that he was the sponsor of a son of Charlemagne. Previous post: The Tourism Of Repose. Brand new Book. The year is A. King Charles of the Franks is crossing the Alps with his family and court on a journey to meet with Pope Hadrian. One frosty night he speaks to his young son Carl: "When we come to Rome you will know that I am naming you my heir.

One day you will rule over all my lands. Was he to be dispossessed? Yet Carl sees that Charlemagne is determined to do what he feels is best to serve God and Europe. This many-faceted story will stir the minds and imaginations of young people. Through Carl's eyes we discover the grand dimensions of western Europe's foundation.

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