Productivity Tips For Your Daily Life

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Celebrate—you did it!

Tell someone your goals. Now they are your accountability partner s. This can be as public as you like. You could tell your sister a personal goal. Or you can start a monthly blog series where you share your goals for the month like 4 Simple Goals and then you share progress. You decide who you want to tell, just tell someone.

Be realistic. We all need breaks. Plan to come back to difficult or frustrating tasks later.

10 Tips for a Productive Life

Sometimes a task turns out to be way more physically demanding than we thought. Be honest with yourself. Take a break if you need. Just be sure to make a specific plan to come back to the project, maybe seek out some help if you need. Make goal setting a habit.

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Maybe the whole to-do list sounds annoying, or cheesy, or overwhelming to you. Find what works for you. It will start to feel like a normal part of your daily life. Let goal setting become a routine and positive part of your everyday life. We believe in you! Make your life full of successes! And if you have any additional tips or specific examples of things you do to stay on track please share them with us.

Great tips Emma! Really good tips…I always find a way to go on Twitter when I should be doing other things….

This was really helpful! Studying from home, I find it really hard to focus and be productive. To do lists always get me started on my day. Oh gosh Candy Crush is the worst when it comes to wasting time.

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  4. Could not agree more. But at least I had a productive morning! I enjoyed your post, lots of interesting points made. I have an a4 planner and use it daily to write down everything. Candy Crush is sort of a curse sometimes. This could not have come at a better time when I am a looking for a job and b applying to a few grad schools with very close deadlines.

    These are amazing tips!

    11 Tips to Transform Your Morning Routine and Make Your Entire Day More Productive

    Agh this is such a handy post! I am a morning person, and I feel like I get so much done in the morning, and dwindle out during the afternoon and evening. Really great tips. Really, every time we aim to high, we have big chances of failing and therefore, being frustrated. Instead, I have simple tasks that I schedule before the tough one. Thank you for such a great post — just the pep talk I needed t get my butt in gear and stop my eternal dithering about! These are great! I especially like to do lists and setting my agenda for the day first thing with my morning coffee.

    2. Name Your Tasks

    Really great tips! I get easily distracted and find myself annoyed if I wake up late as it gives me less time to get things done. Getting up early and making lists is a huge boost for my motivation. So with you on the to-do list thing. I have no idea! I think being realistic was a serious point!

    I always aim too high.. It is always good to have a plan for those unproductive days.

    Keep in Touch!

    These tips are great, thanks Emma! Perfect timing. I feel like I need to print this post out and carry it with me everywhere. I work full time and am attempting grad school full time as well…. I was JUST reaching it out to people for tips on how to manage and then you shared this.

    Productivity Tips to Help You Get More Done Every Day

    Great timing and tips. Those are wonderful tips! I used to be so much better at this and I kind of fell off the wagon with it… This definitely inspires me to get going on it again though. The hardest one to stick to, though, is definitely the time wasting one. Since I have to work through facebook a lot gosh darn social media marketing , it is SO easy to get distracted…. Emma, Elsie. I stinking love you two!!!! Where do you think your drive to follow your dreams came from family, your own heart and soul, etc??

    I am so grateful for you two sharing creativity on so many fronts i. Much love, Amanda. I am a highschool student studying from home, and working on a lot of other goals and projects. So time management is a pretty important subject for me. My best tip is to keep a time log. That way, I am always aware of the time I am spending on productive, or even time wasting activities. Also I can add up my productive time at the end of the day and see how long it took me to accomplish certain tasks. This works really well for me, and it keeps me super motivated. This is a great list!

    Love your ideas and found it quite great that I can check tip most of my productive boxes but there were also plenty of good new ideas too! This is awesome! I am such a list writer, I am also a little…okay a lot guilty of writing a few on there that I am almost near to completion or even just finished because that sence of achievement help my future productivity for that day just soar!

    Thanks for sharing this list! There are a few I need to work on! I love writing to-do-lists but I am terrible at completing them. Great tips! I think they all work really well for people that work from home. Sometimes I forget I deleted it and it is a great unplanned detox from the social world. Thank you so much for sharing this post. I just woke up and I definitely needed this. This is a great list of tips! Thanks for sharing… some days are just so hard to be productive! Thank you! This post is right on time, i have been in need of a reminder about self organisation lately.

    Too bad i cannot remember the reason! Thanks for all the tips!