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Anything You Want to Be. Downloads are available as MP files. Album Notes. I used to have a steady Monday night jazz gig on Mercer street in Soho. Organ trio. It was the kind of place where Wall Street types came for a dose of "good for you" music before throwing 35 cents in the tip jar and running home to check their daily winnings. The place was owned by a depressive Israeli guy who looked like he was gonna hang himself at any moment; Hopefully he never did. But Jazz wasn't for me. So we started writing our own music. We played together as much as we could.

Sounded great. But our other musical endeavors kept our collaboration against the boards. Byron started Ollabelle with some great musicians in the East Village. Great ride. As soon as they had some breaks in their schedule my band signed on with a BMG distributed label. It was owned by a guy who made his money liquidating companies in acid. We did some very strange tours. One opening for Dave Davies from The Kinks a real hero but a truly weird guy.

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That's all I'm gonna say and one sponsored by a rum company from Barbados. Alcohol sponsored tour - say no more. We got lot's of T. Wild On Hollywood etc etc etc. There are new shows I've never even heard of using some of those songs. Eventually Byron and I got to make a record called "Lowdowners in Stereo" still unreleased in a studio located directly below Sonic Youth's rehearsal room.

If you solo the drum overhead mics on some of the songs you can hear them howling. Someday that record will be worth something. Lucinda Williams played her opening night show.

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By this point Byron was playing bass with Levon Helm and was around for those truly inspiring last years. He even wrote a song on the Dirt Farmer record.

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It won a Grammy. He also played on the follow up record Electric Dirt. Wrote a song on that one as well and it won a Grammy sense a pattern? By this point we also had new songs that justified pushing other things aside for our collaboration. Get it off the boards. These were songs worth working for. We made a new record. There are a variety of different loss leaders that are commonly used.

loss leader

One example is when a store gives out free samples of an item, say cookies, as customers shop. The hope is that the customer will buy a package of the cookies along with other items before leaving the store. Razor blades are another prevalent example of a loss leader. Most razors are sold inexpensively and are packaged with a few sample blades. But when it comes time to buy new blades, the prices are steep.

But the customer has already bought the razor, the thinking goes, and will need to buy blades. Printer ink is another good example of a loss leader; many home printers are sold with sample ink or toner cartridges included. The replacement cartridges are where you'll spend the big bucks unless you want to go out and buy a whole new printer, which most people don't. Other retailers like car dealers use this practice as well. They advertise an incredible price on a car or truck, but if you look closely it is just that one stock item.

They even include the stock number in the ad.

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So when a customer arrives, they say "sorry we sold that truck, but we have these others for you to look at. By cutting the price of such an item, you'll not only free up the shelf space and reduce inventory, but you'll also increase cash flow.

If you would like to be known for having low prices then the loss leader pricing strategy will help associate your business with that belief. Keep in mind that people want good quality merchandise for less money and not junk. Using loss leaders as a marketing tool can help gain new customers and increase return visits.

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On out of the box way we used loss leaders in my shoe stores was through closeouts. There can be success in loss leader pricing, but be aware of some obstacles to the process. If done incorrectly, loss leaders can actually cause the business to lose money. Also, not all manufacturers and suppliers will allow their products to be priced under their minimum advertised price or less than what their other dealers are selling the same item.

This is called MAP pricing.