Internal Branding: Growing Your Brand from Within

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In addition, embracing the idea of internal branding and integrating that into everything you do can lead to all sorts of benefits, including: Lower staff turnover and longer tenure; Employees that understand the brand promise are better able to serve customers and respond to issues; Engaged employees who believe in the brand are more productive. To follow on from this, tomorrow we have a guest post on branding. Let me know your thoughts and comments. Post Navigation. Related Posts:. Audio is an overlooked dimension of the customer experience — Interview with Jeff Yasuda of Feed.

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The Attacker's Advantage. Ram Charan. Mr Morgan L Jones. Branding is making people understand who and what you are as a company and what your values are. Through branding, you create your identity. This is what I am.

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You may not like me and I understand, but if you do, come and support me. Therefore, you need a sound branding strategy to draw in more customers and followers. So you have your brand out there, and customers have been very receptive. However, you just do not stop at that. You need internal branding too. What for, you ask.

Our answer: for a seamless customer experience. Even if you have the best product in the market, you will not achieve your goals if you have unreliable and unfriendly representatives who offer crappy service, careless managers who do not care for your staff or employees who care for nothing but the pay. Through internal branding, you can create brand ambassadors that embody the values your organization lives by.

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Effective internal branding also results in employee advocacy, which is way better than any marketing tactic. Customers are more likely to listen to your employees than to any of your ads. Effective internal branding happens when you put your employees first: engaging them and making them see how their tasks contribute to the success of your company through internal communication. By doing so, you create a culture around your brand, which forms part of your identity — so your customers experience the same vibe from the moment they approach you until they leave with their purchase.