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Woe to the nation that disregards it, and consents to immolate its principles to its interests!

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Words related to immolate suffer , surrender , yield , victimize. Words nearby immolate immoderacy , immoderate , immoderation , immodest , immokalee , immolate , immolation , immoral , immoralism , immoralist , immorality. Examples from the Web for immolate He was threatening to immolate both of them when police ended a standoff by grabbing him.

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Post Code. The band was first called Rigor Mortis, but they have changed the name into Immolation shortly after they released the Warriors of Doom demo album which happened in Dawn of Possession was the name of their first album which the band released with Roadrunners Records.

During the recording of their third album, their drummer, Smilowski has left the band and was replaced by Alex Hernandez. They already did one back in So far the band has had a ton of very remarkable concerts and tours. The graph showing times at which the members were part of the band. This is the current line-up of the band, but the original line-up has been changing many times since Robert Vigna is considered to be one of the most talented death metal guitarists in the whole world and is very popular for his riffing technique.