I Just Called To Say I Love You

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I Just Called To Say I Love You Stevie Wonder

She and Green started dating when they were in high school and he was her first boyfriend. After spending years in a relationship, part of which was long-distance, the two of them became engaged about a year and a half ago. Nothing is forcing you to love a person forever, and nothing is forcing the other person to love you back. My advice? Take the feeling as it comes, and if you want to say it, say it.

That being said, emotions are scary, and telling someone how you feel is especially terrifying given the arbitrary expectations we tend to have. So I get it. I get why people are scared. But you should do it, and so should I. Loved this article and felt that it inspired others to communicate LOVE when they feel it.

I Just Called To Say I Love You

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A Chicago man has been arrested on felony charges of disorderly conduct after he allegedly made a false Former Los Angeles police chief named interim in Chicago. RSS Feed. Submit Search. Close Menu. Close Back to Article. Share on Facebook. How we feel about things is an inner matter that is very personal indeed. When we use the word "love," it always refers to something we feel very strongly about.

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It may be an object, like a new car; it may be our own image when we look in the mirror; it may be Mother Nature; it may be our notion of God. Speaking personally, I can honestly say: I love coffee.

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I love Chinese food. I really love corn on the cob. I love my new hybrid SUV. I love New York City, my place of birth. I love India, that land of magic and mystery. I love the Berkshire Mountains in Western Mass. I love to travel and experience the freshness of impermanence and the freedom of movement. I love surrendering to overwhelming exhaustion and falling into deep sleep after returning home from long plane flights. I love my little dog and being woken up in the morning by his insistent affectionate kisses. I love my wife of 25 years and the deep and unconditional trust born over time that we share.

I love the powerful memory of my first serious romance when I was 16 years old. I love music. I love jazz and fusion and blues. I love to play the drums. I love my students from all over the world, with whom I share a love for Spirit and for that which is higher that enlivens, empowers and inspires us all. I love my closest students, those who are the most spiritually evolved, because we share not only a profound commitment to that which is sacred but also a deep and abiding friendship that makes all things possible.

I love Spirit, because I discovered its ungraspable nature to be my own True Face, the source of my freedom and all that I do. I love my Teacher, because he gave me everything. I love to teach, because it is then that I am most free. I love the life that I live, because I have been given an opportunity to make a contribution to the evolution of consciousness and culture. So when we use the word "love," what exactly are we talking about?

Are we referring merely to personal tastes and preferences? Are we referring to our experience of deep emotional bonds and attachments? Or are we referring to our connection to a higher spiritual Truth? Maybe we are referring to all three. This is complex and confusing territory, for sure.

And it is that much more challenging because human beings experience strong passions about that which they claim to love. In fact, too often, we assume something is inherently good and right, simply because we feel passionately about it. This is another reason why love is such a difficult subject to speak about. It is a dimension of human experience that tends to be pregnant with vagueness, ambiguity and confusion, and is fueled by powerful feelings.

So before we can really begin this discussion, we have to make the effort to clarify what it is that we are talking about. One fundamental distinction that I have found helpful for navigating this challenging territory is this: some forms of love are relative and others are not. Spiritual love, for example, is non-relative, impersonal and absolute.

It is permanent, unwavering and always vibrates with the infinite. Love that is relative or non-absolute is impermanent and changing; it is always connected to that which is personal or unique to the individual and his or her culture. In order to understand what love really is, we need to be able to place its various forms and expressions within a hierarchy of values.

Spiritual love, the nature of which is non-relative or absolute, is at the top of the hierarchy. Non-spiritual love, the nature of which is always relative no matter how powerful the emotional experience of it may be , always comes second in this hierarchy. And within that category, some forms of non-spiritual or relative love have greater value or importance than others.

For example, my love of my wife obviously has greater value than my love of my little Yorkshire Terrier; my love of music has greater value than my love for corn on the cob; and so on. These simple value distinctions are ones we can probably all agree on.


However, the larger distinction I am making, between relative and absolute love, is not always so easy to discern. It's important to point out here that before we have personally had a life-changing experience of spiritual, or absolute, love, what I'm calling relative, or non-spiritual forms of love can appear to be spiritual. This means that they may, at times, seem to evoke the same qualities as love that is absolute. For example, when we fall romantically in love with someone, it can feel like an experience that is infinite, unchanging and non-relative.

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But inevitably, sooner or later, we always find that this kind of love was not what it appeared to be. Because it wasn't eternal. It was subject to change. The nature of spiritual love, on the other hand, is always forever. It is always eternal and it never changes.