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She goes above and beyond to ensure that all her students are understanding the material in the classroom and have a safe and welcoming place to learn. Nute has gone above and beyond daily teaching to provide tutoring for my child in math and reading. She always makes herself available for help if my daughter needs it, even if it is after school hours. She is always thinking about her students - how she can best teach them and puts them first.

This year, my daughter has improved so much academically and has also gained a new-found confidence in herself that she did not have before.

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Nute believes in all her students. She is patient, positive and creates the perfect learning environment for them to shine in their education. I am very grateful that my daughter has had her as a teacher this year. Nute received movie passes. Christine Marcus at Woodstock Elementary School is an amazing teacher.

She is a passionate and energetic teacher who brings joy to all of her students. Marcus has taught both of my children. In particular, Mrs.

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Marcus provided extra support and love to one of my children who was going through some challenging moments - even when coming to school was hard. Every day she had a smile on her face. Hart, a teacher at Tallwood Elementary School, is the kind of teacher that isn't afraid to show her students just how much she cares about them. She has high academic expectations for her students and finds ways to make learning fun. She creates engaging practice assignments for students to complete at home. These are wonderful because they let parents know what topics are being covered in the classroom.

Hart is also an incredible communicator.

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She truly is a prime example of a superb teacher and of parent-teacher collaboration. She keeps us informed about our child's progress and important events happening at the school. As parents, we hope not only that our children will succeed academically in school but that they will be excited to attend school each day and love learning. Hart has helped our daughter to fall more in love with learning and develop a growth mindset. Our daughter has not always enjoyed reading as it has been challenging for her. She finally said "I'm starting to love reading! We are forever grateful for Mrs.

Hart and the classroom culture she has created which is full of mutual respect, rigorous academics, kindness, high expectations and love. She received movie passes. You see my son is a great kid. He gets good grades, is athletic and loves school. Gray has taken the time to really get to know my son, earning his trust and understanding him. Gray is always eager to help his students, even offering to come in before school to help my son. As a parent, when a teacher comes to you and looks outside the box to help your child, it melts your heart.

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Besides loving our children, he makes things fun; teaching his students how to make paper footballs to show angles we have at our house , asking students a question before lunch and playing cool songs that help them to remember information. Gray received movie passes. Manugo in my life, my passion for teaching is confirmed. She makes me want to be the best teacher that I can be.

She is so involved and dedicated to Bayside High School and her job in general that it gives me hope for the future of education. Manugo received movie passes. Ebert at Bayside High School shows such a passion for teaching and puts a strong effort into making sure that students are on the right path to success. She has truly changed my life and put me right on track for life after high school. She pushed me to do more than I thought possible. My now year old child was the first to enter Kingston Elementary as a rising first grader.

Whenever you are preparing for a change, as a parent, you worry. Are your children going to feel safe? Are they going to feel excited about school? Are they going to feel loved? Well, our then-first grade teacher was Mrs. Karen Vita. Let me just say that the minute I met her, I loved her and my worries melted away.

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First grade was a wonderful experience and I appreciated many things about Mrs. She has wonderful control over the classroom. She used music, sign language and different techniques to keep children interested and engaged. I also appreciated the fact that she is the mother of three boys so she understands how to teach my children. Fast forward, Mrs. Vita had been moved to fourth grade.

I had a younger child entering first grade and my oldest was entering fourth. She continued to help my son learn and grow in English and language arts. As room parent, I was able to communicate with her and help her with classroom activities and needs. She had a difficult classroom that year: full of smart and strong-willed children. However, I never worried because I knew she could handle any situation. My son loved his class and had a great fourth-grade year.

As a mother, I cannot begin to express my gratitude. I know that she cares for my children and looks out for them. This is a wonderful gift to my family, and I know that she cares deeply about the success of my children and other kids in school. Miss Michelle Hedish, fourth-grade teacher at Hermitage Elementary, has built a positive and encouraging relationship with my son in just a few short weeks. I have noticed a remarkable change with him this year.

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He is happy when he comes home, appears engaged and has a more positive attitude about school. Miss Hedish sees in him what I have seen all along and now he is starting to see it. He now believes in himself! I have to admit that I was worried he was getting a first-year teacher, but now I can say that she has been the best person in the world for him. I am truthfully grateful she has provided him with a safe home away from home! On paper, teachers have one job. They must teach. However, some teachers decide that they will turn that job into a passion.

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They will throw themselves at that job with zeal and devotion. Barnes is one of these teachers. She spends countless hours each year creating engaging lesson plans, exploring new learning platforms, and going above and beyond the call of duty. If a student is ready for a challenge that is not offered in everyday class, she goes to great lengths to create more difficult work on her personal time to make sure that student feels challenged.

Barnes engages her students using compassion, wit, and affection.

Like all good teachers, she is patient and helpful, but she also cares about each and every one of her students. She is extremely personable, and inherently cheerful. Stephanie Barnes is honestly the most phenomenal teacher I have had in my school career, and I was privileged enough to have many excellent teachers.

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When she came to our school, she added her own piece to our puzzle. She helps to complete this school and helps to complete a superb team of teachers.