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They also won the first three world cup championships!

Buck : He is a the main character in the book "Call of the wild" by Jack London. Buck is a pet dog that gets stolen and must learn to live in the wild. Chaser : He is a border collie that has been tested by many scientists because of his amazing memory and cognitive skills.

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Gibson and Zeus : They are two great danes that made the Guinness World record for tallest dogs. Gibson was cm and Zeus , standing they are over 2 meters high!

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Laika : She was a street dog, but the first one to travel to space during the Russian space trips. Sadly she didn't make it back home. Belka and Strelka : Two dogs that also travelled to space and were the first ones to make it back home safely.


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A douchebag will often bring his SLR to bars to take pictures of good looking girls with or without their permission , perhaps pretending to be a professional photographer. Show all 36 episodes. Get Smart 2 screenplay announced. Space Force TV Series creator announced.

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Dodge the Smartest Girl in the World

Himself voice. Video documentary short Himself. Show all 6 episodes. Himself - Celebrity Traveller. Show all 11 episodes. Mark Baum. Kilorenzos Smith in Talks Evan Baxter. TV Movie documentary Himself.