Best of Botgirl 01: Avatar and Human Identity

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View all posts by Inara Pey. Like Like. Hopefully my copy will be here by the end of the week. In my first year in SL, I was very optimistic about people using avatar identity as a vehicle of positive personal evolution that would be integrated into their offline life. But as I began to meet more people and observe the interactions and behavior around me, it seemed that many people were just extending their neuroses, compulsive behaviors and addictions to the virtual world; they ended up suffering in two lives instead of one.

So it seems to me that like physical life, virtual life is largely what we make of it, with perhaps more power and potency to rapidly set us off on a positive, creative and enlightening path; or supercharge our negative and self-destructive tendencies. Skip to content Nick Yee is senior research scientist at Ubisoft who has been involved in studying the psychological impact our avatars can have both on ourselves and with others since the early s, starting as an undergraduate researcher focused on Everquest before moving into studies involving Second Life.

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Like this: Like Loading Published by Inara Pey. Hear hear…. Pingback: Your avatar and you: opening the digital fronti Post to Cancel. What a load of crap.

Journal of Virtual Studies

Bring back the tag line. All eyes on you, Rod , and welcome to Linden Lab. In addition to all of the future oriented stuff you mentioned, the aspect of virtual worlds that I value the most is its power to shed light on current aspects of atomic life that are hidden through the fish-in-water syndrome.

Once we aclimate, the experience in virtual worlds is very, very similar to the human world, with just enough difference to keep drawing our attention to it. The idea of replacing the teleports with the telehubs is probably no longer feasible.

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  • The world that the telehubs were developed under no longer exist. After playing around for a few weeks with extending myself into the Physical World, it seems the time is right for a little campaign to socialize the idea that avatars aren't just for virtual spaces. Every campaign needs a slogan, I thought "Avatars Everywhere" expressed the concept nicely.

    Here's a draft of a video to promote the idea. Posted by Botgirl Questi at AM 1 comments. The photo above is the latest in a series of images and videos shot with an iPhone. These naturalized images take me into a physical world setting without any green screen tricks to fake my placement in a physical world environment.

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    Outside of clean-up to fix color balance and some minor air-brushing, what was there is pretty much what you get. Although it's been fairly experimental so far, in weeks ahead you'll see me extending the concept of naturalized stills and videos into a number of human settings On a whim, we threw together a short behind-the-scenes video to provide a little flavor of the mix of physical and virtual in the shooting session for the image above.

    It looks like that little tramp Supergirl Barbie didn't take too kindly to my righteous ranting. Instead of flying off into the sunset, she's obviously enlisted her fellow DC superbimbo, Batgirl, to sabotage the release of my new Best of Botgirl e-book for the Amazon Kindle.

    show #35: jacki morie

    Follow the arrow above for the clear evidence of their subterfuge. If you've had a chance to read any version, please take a moment and leave a review. I spent much of last week sorting through old blog posts in preparation for the first " Best of Botgirl " e-book. Some of the topics I'd written about that were a bit obscure at the time such as the impact of camping on search results and population numbers have made their way into mainstream discussion.

    One idea that I think deserves more discussion is the concept of "Emergents" that was introduced in May of That said, it seems that most active Second Life residents I've encountered describe some sense of a virtual identity that is psychologically individuated from their human self. For instance, one avatar with very close and emotionally intense inworld ties said that her human identity was ambivalent about her online relationships.

    L1Aura Loire

    So the identity that writes a loving blog post to her online loved ones is not the human, but the virtual. These identities don't merely persist outside of the virtual world on the web, but persist within consciousness. This brings up all kinds of questions about human personality and identity. Where has your avatar identity travelled If you have any good stories about your avatar identity's exploits outside of Second Life, please share them with us by posting a comment.

    This video was created as my third update to the Second Life Flickr Group. It's a project started by Chestnut Rau.

    Why Humans in AVATAR are the Good Guys

    Participants post a self-portrait a day for a year. Although it first struck me as a group for photo-happy narcissists, it now seems like a great way to deconstruct the elements that go into one's virtual identity and transcend them if only by the virtue of escaping from the sheer boredom of a daily pic. Anyway, my human collaborator had been messing around using an iPhone to video tape Second LIfe from a laptop screen.

    This version was created by shooting a projected image along with the shooter's shadow. The machinima still call it that? Best of Botgirl Identity. Get this straight: I'm the freaking muse in the family. I humored your little fantasy at first. When you sent over the costume and asked me to flaunt myself in a Tabloid, I gritted my teeth and smiled for the photo. But no. You had to keep pushing it farther and farther. A virtual Supergirl wasn't enough, so you went and got yourself a mail order Supergirl Barbie. How pathetic! You just wouldn't let it go: "Botgirl, let's photoshop an image of you and Supergirl Barbie.