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Here are simple tips on how you can add a bit of French language and culture outside formal lessons, tips to add French to your daily life! This episode is the audio version of an article I published some time ago on my website www. Many students struggle with the pronunciation of the French R, so in this episode I will give you some practice exercises and phonetic tips on how to pronounce the French R so that you can sound more French.

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Unleash the tigeRRR in you! You can support my work by leaving a review on iTunes. Your kind words warm my heart and also help me be found by more passionate learners of French. Have you ever read a book in French? Why or why not?

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Why read French books? What basic requirements should you meet before starting to read in French? Why or why not? Why read French books?

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What basic requirements should you meet before starting to read in French? Where to start with reading in French? I'll give you helpful tips on how to choose the right verb for your sentence and will even expand on your new skill Il aime le chocolat? A written version of this podcast episode is available on my website for easier reference. Check out www. Combine them to create the most relevant experience for you! Read More. Take a behind-the-scenes look with this video. Monsieur Grognon Put your French negation skills to work with this bilingual article - click any phrase to see the English translation as well as links to related French grammar lessons.

Learn about the birth of French in this French audio and transcript - just click any phrase for the English translation and related grammar lessons. In this interview, he talks quickly! On va camper ce weekend! This audio article about camping was specially written to help you prepare for the listening and reading portions of the AP French exam. Is French spoken anywhere outside of France?

Find out in this cute animated video for children. Fortunately, the mayor of Paris is taking steps to reduce it. Qu'est-ce que l'Avent? What is Advent? Learn about Advent and Advent calendars in this French-English article.

This video shares some tips to keep these expenses as low as possible. Roland-Garros Whether you call it Roland-Garros or the French Open, if you're a tennis lover, you won't want to miss this French audio article about the only Grand Slam tournament played on clay courts. Septembre chez mes grands-parents Reminisce about visiting grandparents in the fall in this audio article. Learn about the unique festival of Songkran in this bilingual article. Tour de France The Tour de France is a bike race and incredible test of endurance.

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  7. Learn a bit about the history of this annual event in our bilingual article. Une Saint-Valentin entre filles No Valentine? No problem! Vendredi 13 : jour de chance? Do you think Friday the 13th is unlucky, lucky, or just another date on the calendar?

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    Find out the story behind this supersitious day in this video. Victor Hugo Victor Hugo was a renowned author and poet, in the Romantic movement - one of the greatest and best-known French writers. What's the point of recycling? Professor Gamberge explains all to a skeptical Charlotte in this animated video.

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    Cat stuck in a tree? Call the emergency vet service.

    Au secours! Je n'ai plus internet! Need help dealing with customer support when your internet goes out? Check out this audio article for some useful phrases. Autumn at the Landerneau market French markets are full of beautifully coloured food, and never more so than in autumn. Visit the Landernau market with this French video, including transcript and translation.

    Bastille Day Happy Bastille Day! Learn about the French national holiday in our bilingual audio article. Beaujolais nouveau : ne l'appelez plus piquette!

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    It's that time of year again, when wine lovers gather to taste the young wine known as Beaujolais Nouveau. But is it really as good - or bad? Becoming French Ever wonder how to obtain French citizenship? This video offers a nice summary of the different ways and what you have to do for each one - plus, it's great listening practice! Watch this video highlighting aspects of his talented career, then scroll down for the transcript in our bilingual reader.

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    Coupe du Monde Twenty years ago, France beat Brazil to become world champions of European football aka soccer. Demande d'emploi This audio article about a job letter was specially written to help you prepare for the listening and reading portions of the AP French exam. Learn about the development of French in this bilingual article. Learn about the legacy of this political animal in this video from France Learn a bit of its history in our bilingual audio article, then listen to a few French variety classics. Here's how it happened.

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    Here's a taste of what's in store in , including the newest security measures. Hallowe'en in France At a nursery school in Biarritz, kids get ready for Halloween with stuffed pumpkins and favorite costumes. Histoire d'animaux Learn or practice some French expressions with animals in this cute bilingual story. Histoires d'argent A bilingual text about different relationships to money, rich in French idioms.

    Find out how they're challenging the will and whether they have a case in this video. Discover a few of its secrets and myths in this fast-paced video. La main dans le sac Learn or practice some idiomatic French expressions in this bilingual caper. Le Louvre : ans d'Histoire Did you know that the Louvre, one of the most famous museums in the world, was originally a fortress? Learn about the history of this Parisian monument in this fascinating video. Le grand nettoyage de printemps Take part in the big spring cleaning with this audio article.